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A beautifu trip, a happy couple, and a mysterious ancient medallion. The beautiful Roberta Missoni will be victim of a spell which will wat her up during the night to reach a dark side of this workd joining dangerous ceremonies. Indiscreet eyes are searching her soul. Someone is drawing the outline of her destiny. Only one man will be able to reach that world and to fight "The Order."

Will Sister Rosaria find a way to escape or will she fall into a dark work of lust... Father Edward, a thief and a murderer in disguise, continues to deceive the villagers and use the church for his underground trading of stolen goods... among other exploits. His sexual abuse of sister Rosaria continues, but it would appear he has something much sinister planned for her than just keeping her as his personal sex slave!

Carla and Cristina There goes the Neighborhood! When the next door neighbors are MOVING IN, “there goes the neighborhood!†Only Alex deRenzy can bring adult comedy to the screen with such and nasty animalistic passion. An outrageous interracial couple Where they gonna stick that big black dick??? Into any damn hole they can make it fit!!!

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